Log Uptime
Log Your Website Uptime for Free! In this guide, we will use Statuspage to log the response time of our app every 3 minutes.

In this guide

We will ping our website, every 3 minutes, and send the response time to Statuspage so we can log it in a graph.

What we will use

This guide assumes you have access to bash commands, and is intended for use with a Linux web server.
Bash is available on Linux and MacOS. You can also use Windows Subsystem for Windows, if you are using Windows.
  • Statuspage API - for sending data to.
  • Bash - for the script.
  • Cron - for task scheduling.
Example Response Time - Discord (05/06/21)

0 - Make a Status Page

Go to, and follow the instructions to make a status page. This is a prerequisite for the following steps.

1 - Create System Metrics

2 - Send Metrics to Status Page API
curl{page_id}/metrics/{metric_id} \
-H "Authorization: OAuth your-api-key-goes-here" \
-d "metric[name]=string"
Statuspage API Documentation

3 - Automate Script Execution

Execute this script every 5 minutes.
*/5 * * * * <path>/
Guide incomplete.

Further Reading

How can I know my app goes offline?

If you have Cloudflare

If you are using Cloudflare, and the website times out due to no connection with the website server, you may see around 30,000ms in the graph.
An example from the status page.

Else, if you don't have Cloudflare

If you don't have Cloudflare, or a similar service, you may see holes in the graph. This indicates that no response was sent to the Statuspage API in time. This may be because the web page is taking longer than 30,000ms to load.