How to setup 2PG for local development.
This guide will show you how to setup 2PG, and the Dashboard for local development.
The written guide below is more up-to-date, and is mainly command based.

Developing with 2PG

The Bot project is used for managing data for the bot, and contains the API, which by default serves the built dashboard files on http://localhost:3000. It is used as a foundation for the Website project.
GitHub - twopg/Bot: Simple multi-purpose Discord bot made with TypeScript
The Dashboard project is used for customizing the actual website and dashboard. It uses Angular, which is a front-end framework that makes navigation seem fast and responsive.
GitHub - twopg/Dashboard: Dashboard to customize 2PG; made with TypeScript + Angular 9


MongoDB Community Download
MongoDB Community Server

API Setup

Clone the Repository

The Bot project requires cloning, which basically downloads the project from GitHub. This can be done with the Git CLI.
git clone
cd bot
Node modules are not downloaded with the cloned project and need to be installed manually.

Install Modules

Node modules need to be installed, specified in package.json, and package-lock.json. Make sure the terminal is at the root director of the project. All you need to do is type a simple command and it will all be done for you.
npm i

Configure Environment Variables

Create a.envfile in the root project directory. This file is used to securely store private data. See the link below for the up to date template for the .env file. **
See the link below for a .env file template. It contains an explanation to what each environment file does, and why they are used.
.env should not be saved with Git. This would expose all of your tokens. By default, this file is added to .gitignore, which means Git should not commit this file.

Start the API

If everything is setup correctly, you can start the project with this command.
npm start
Make sure the mongod process is running. The database needs to be online for the app to fully function.
By default the API runs on port 3000. You can confirm it is online by connecting to http://localhost:3000, in your browser URL bar.

Website Setup

After the Bot is setup, the website follows a very similar setup, but with a different project URL.
git clone
cd dashboard
npm i
npm start
You may also need the Angular CLI to be globally installed to serve the website. This can be done with npm i -g @angular/cli

Privileged Intents

The Server Members Intent needs to be enabled for 2PG to perform many functions including: reaction roles, guild member events, and more.
Intents that 2PG uses

Redirect URIs

One last thing... Redirect URIs are used for allowing Discord OAuth2 to function correctly. These can also be found in the Discord Developer Portal.
Redirect URIs for Local Development
Redirect URIs that Uses
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