Hosting Services

A guide on deploying applications using popular hosting methods.

Here is a guide on popular hosts, that I have had a good experience with, and that I recommend.

Deploy on Heroku

Heroku is an option that I personally use to host some of my apps for free.



  • Free to use.

  • Trusted by many people.

  • Decent uptime.

  • Apps sleep after a short period of time.

  • Requires credit card verification for 24/7 hosting.

  • Can charge money, if you go over the dyno hour limits.

  • Apps sleep after a short period of time, without internal pinging.

Deploy on DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a very reliable service with viable security. I personally use it for my major projects (2PG, DBots, etc.). It costs money, but hosts apps 24/7, without extra challenges. As of writing this, I have not experienced any notable downtime, even with >2 years of service.



  • Online 24/7.

  • Trusted by many people.

  • Very decent uptime.

  • Flexible pricing plans.

  • SSH key security.

  • Takes a while to setup.

  • May require Linux expertise, if you run into issues.

  • Expensive, and initial price excludes tax.

What about other hosting services?

There are many hosting services, however I will only recommend the ones I have had a great experience with, and I hope you will too.